Fashion With Love

By: UMM Suhail

Imagine the scene: it’s January 2018, and the elegant scene at Doha’s Mondrian hotel filled with Uber stylish people.


The doormen welcoming the “oh so dressed” women deposited by their chauffeurs or self-driven women in their latest designer spree.

Visions of well-manicured hands wrapped around dainty purses, bowling bags, and totes, with the designer’s names written large in bold gold letters to educate those without the immediate cultural reference.

(unable to share picture of the lobby filled with people, due to cultural norms, we need to request for permission if women in abaya are present, (myself included).

It is, perhaps, one of the most straightforward examples of fashion’s longstanding love affair. A simple transfer of iconic images onto covetable products, in a bid to woo status – and design-conscious – consumers.

Living in a country where dressing well is almost an unspoken requirement, ( https://www.iloveqatar.net/videos/qtips/qtip-5-struggles-of-being-a-qatari-woman) everyday becomes a fashion show, tough decisions such as choosing to walk the ramp or not, can become the dilemma of the day – perhaps I should correct this by saying that this is becoming a global issue…

For the not so fashion conscious, gatherings of any sort become your window to what the latest trends in the fashion world.

Having a love hate relationship with fashion is totally understandable, with the overload of narcissistic unpleasant people to the unrealistic anorexic requirements imposed on models it has the elements of a superficial world and cannot be swept under the rug,  but there is also the amazing side to it, the creativity, the talent, the designing, the sketching, the fabrics, the beads, ribbons and all that it takes into creating a piece of clothing, notwithstanding, the fact that clothing covers our bodies, keeps us warm and protects us from harsh elements in a fashionable styles.

Fashion clothing can be recyclable, reusable and even cyclical if you hang on to your favourite fashion pieces long enough they go from being outdated to being really dated.

Apart from boosting economy and job creation, the fashion Industry has its own place in the performance arts – the fashion shows can easily be seen as entertainment spectacle that provides photographers with unique views that are documented in the fashion history.

For me personally marchesa is probably the one designer that translates love and romance into dreamy creations.


Recently for 3 consecutive weeks, with my camera in tow, I made my way to the Mondrian hotel to attend the red carpet event, The Arabian Fashion week  to be mesmerized creativity.  With a total of 34 designers showcasing 300 different looks from around the world.


With all this said, I know that we all dress for different things, but nothing comes close to the feeling of dressing for self-love, use your own sense of fashion as an expression of who you are.

How do you feel about fashion?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Article from : weblogforlove


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